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                                                                           TO LOFT OR NOT TO LOFT

The other day we visited one of my husband’s friend while browsing near the Dilworth area here in Charlotte; we were having a drink at a new place called the World of beer and it seemed to be one of the areas we like from the city; close to uptown, parks, the lightrail and some shops / entertainment.

He recently moved to a new place and wanted to show us his new bachelor pad…surprisingly it turned out to be a loft in a building I would have never guessed.

Even though the place was in a great location and with a lot of open space, when we left, my husband asked me what I thought about it and all I could think was: so much darkness! Large windows where present but since it seems to be a 1950’s building with brick veneer exterior, (this used to be an industrial place and most likely a textile factory)…the windows had tinted glass… epic FAIL. All the lights had to be on and it was 3:30 in the afternoon!

To compare this event, I found a project by DHD Architecture, The Mercer Street Loft in Soho.

 As always the problem was how to get light in because of the low ceilings. Their answer was glass. Large windows stretch the length of the living room, bedroom and office walls, all of which face a central living area, allowing natural light to illuminate the apartment. The most interesting part is a partial height feature wall serving a dual purpose:  creating a subtle but distinct transition from public to private and bringing natural light and air into the private spaces.

I feel that a lot of times things end up being a bit too baroque in old buildings, a Prada vs. Versace situation, Prada always wins in my book; an international elegance and very subtle. The design marries classic historical elements with clean modern elements, retaining original details and celebrating imperfections. These include tin ceilings, stripped cast iron columns, original floors and window casings. Also certain elements give it a finishing touch of hipster and eclectic based on found objects from garage sales.

In my opinion, many people would consider the abundance of open space to be a luxury though others might not even know what to do with so much freedom.

It’s like a nest within the nest, a house within the house. I must say though, since this loft is in Soho, I wouldn’t mind living in just that magnificent bathroom!